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  • Southsea Folk And Roots Festival 2002 - The Albert Tavern, South Parade Pier - Sat 31st August, Afternoon - Admission Free
  • Southsea Folk And Roots Festival 2002 - The Florence Arms, Florence Rd - Sat 31 August - Admission Free
  • Southsea Folk And Roots Festival 2003 - The Albert Tavern, South Parade Pier - Friday 29th August

Whilst Gerry Colvin was at Keele University he joined The Man Upstairs, a new wave pop band and played extensively in the Midlands. In 1984 he teamed up with Terry Lilley to form Terry and Gerry, a punky, country skiffly type band who toured Britain, Europe and the USA and recorded numerous successful indie singles and the album 'From Lubbock to Clintwood East'. In 1989 Gerry became a songwriter and worked in Nashville, London, and New York He has collaborated with numerous people including Alison Moyet.

He helped form two excellent bands - The Inexperience and The Atlantics, both featuring fantastic musicians such as Trish Keelan on accordian and the brilliant 'Good Question Derek' from Brum.

Meanwhile, in 1982 Nick Quarmby had joined a four-piece blues outfit called The Mind Boggles, as bass player. The band performed with Dr Feelgood, Ron Kavana, The Climax Blues Band and The Groundhogs and a good time was had by all, it has to be said. Things always move on though, as did their harp player (to London) and their drummer (to prison) and so the Dockery Boys were born.

The Dockery Boys were formed at the Welsh Harp in Gloucester on a Monday night somewhere around 1989. As Nick remembers it, he and guitarist Derek Rutherford were in the bar having a drink with some friends, all of whom played in bands of some sort or another, whereupon the landlord suggested that he was trying to fill up Monday nights and maybe we should knock something together.

What followed was a band that had more line-up changes than the Third Reich, recorded two albums,and ended up playing for ten years, having a great time (mostly) and performing at Glastonbury Festival amongst many others.

Around 1992, was asked by Phil Beer (of Show Of Hands) to join his fledgling band `Drummerboy Stone'. This band still exists today as The Phil Beer Band.

In 1996 Nick was road manager for Cindy Lee-Berryhill, from America, for just the one gig, at the Albert Inn in Bedminster, Bristol. Having done the rounds of Stonehenge and the ubiquitous Radio Bristol interview and deposited Cindy at the soundcheck, his attention turned to the guy with the guitar, standing by and waiting to be `dealt with'. The guy with the guitar was Gerry Colvin and Nick and he and his wife immediately struck up a conversation.

After Gerry had performed a blistering solo support set Nick suggested that they should perhaps think about forming a duo.

A few weeks later they got together at Phil Beer's house (where Nick was staying) , recorded some demos, got drunk, and after that performed for three years as a duo.

In 2000 Nick and Gerry decided to expand to a three-piece and purloined the services of Nick's old friend Martin Fitzgibbon (from The Dockery Boys) on drums, backing vocals and perussion. In addition Derek Rutherford of The Dockery Boys continues to perform with them on an infrequent basis.

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