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Railway Folk Club
Julie Felix 12 Feb 07
Jezz Hall 26 Feb 07
Paul Downes 12 March 07
Mick Ryan & Pete Harris 26 March 07
Half Legacy (Mal & Tim) 09 April 07
Beck Sian 28 May 07
Deb Sandland 11 June 07
Bullfrog Blues Club
Deep Tan 1 March 07
Gary Fletcher 21 March 07
Claude Bourbon 18 April 07
Pete Harris & Hugh Budden 17 May 07
General Barking Spider
An Seissiun 17 March 07

Gallery And Reviews

This section of the site features a selection of photographs and reviews of the various gigs that barkingspider have promoted, including those at the Bullfrog Blues Club and The Railway Folk Club.

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More Photographs Can be found here in the newer gallery system.

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